Get the best value for your power

Our calculations show that the majority of electricty generators could be earning more for their renewables generation. To ensure you get the best price for your power speak to Pixie Energy about consolidating exported power with that of other local generators, and registering it into the next e-POWER auction.

More information about this service can be found here.

Local Energy Matters

Local Energy Matters is an accessible monthly brochure by Pixie Energy intended to inform readers of local energy news, projects and tariff information. Full editions of Local Energy Matters can be accessed here.

About Pixie Energy

Pixie Energy was set up in 2015 to create mischief in the GB energy market to the benefit of households and communities.

Latest News

Norwich-based Pixie Energy is working with the public and private sectors to establish locally-based energy solutions to deliver tangible benefits for the East Anglian region – whether in the form of lower energy bills, higher power export prices or investment in new generation technologies.

Smarter Norwich

Smarter Norwich is the umbrella project that will coordinate and integrate other Norwich projects in pursuit of a longer-term vision called Smart Energy Norwich 2030 (SEN2030). More information

Ipswich Local Supply Community

The Ipswich Local Supply Community Project will explore mechanisms to exploit bottom-up flexibility, creating new local partnerships seeking to promote and commoditise flexibility. More information

FiT Export Aggregation

Pixie Energy proposes to work with e-POWER and LAs to determine a business case for an aggregated output portfolio that can be entered in the e-POWER auction. More information

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