FiT Export Aggregation

The Non-Fossil Purchasing Agency (NFPA) offers an auction-based platform to sell to the highest bidder the output of renewable generation assets. The auctions take place most months on the group’s e-POWER online auction platform.

Local Authorities (LAs) are included among the users of the e-POWER platform for some of their generation assets, although they are also the owner and/or operator of a number of other essentially uncontracted assets which – in the case of the Feed In Tariff (FiT) regime – is frequently sold at the deemed export rate. This is a published, index-linked rate that has no connection with the underlying wholesale market price and may be subject to legislative review and potential abolition.

The long-term aim is to improve the remuneration of existing solar by aggregating and trading the output, potentially also time-shifting this with storage. Pixie Energy proposes to work with e-POWER and LAs to explore alternative value streams for this uncontracted output (30kW and above) – the objective being to determine a business case for an aggregated output portfolio that can be entered in the e-POWER auction to add value to the LAs and achieve a more economically advantageous outcome than at present.

Capacity Trading Platform

Local capacity constraints severely disrupt desired developments without collaborative capacity management. Pixie Energy is working with UK Power Networks (UKPN) to understand nature of capacity planning problem and design a trading platform that would enable more efficient use of available network capacity that could be used to avoid costly reinforcement.

Crowdfunding Platform

Pixie Energy is investigating crowdfunding platforms, which can be used to support current projects to link up future energy projects to funding. The long-term aim is to channel interest in funding clean energy projects through the Pixie Energy crowdfunding platform utilising known investor potential.

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