Regional Knowledge Hub

The purpose of the Regional Knowledge Hub is to inform and to build stakeholder awareness across all aspects of Pixie Energy’s work with Local Authorities (LAs) and community energy groups across the Eastern region.

  • Provide information and updates on the county and cross-county projects supported by Pixie Energy
  • Based upon these experiences, understand and present Pixie Energy’s findings on the commercial, technological and infrastructure interactions between local and national energy systems, and how industry participants can best position themselves to take advantage of these
  • Based upon the East Anglian experience, understanding the regulatory and legislative implications of local energy systems, the barriers to their deployment and how to overcome them, and the potential opportunity or avoided cost of network investment
  • Present the different options available for the funding of low carbon and community energy projects, including the European Research Development Fund (ERDF), Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) and others

The intention is to provide a one-stop-shop for all aspects of Pixie Energy’s work in the region and to inform authorities, agencies and communities in East Anglia as to the benefits associated with local energy schemes.

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