Pixie Energy has been in discussions with a number of councils, including West Suffolk, regarding broader initiatives such as the promotion of low carbon heat within overall social and economic objectives. Among the West Suffolk councils’ priorities are the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the creation of business growth – this being seen as a piece of key strategic investment that is being facilitated through the One Public Estate (OPE) initiative.

The rural focus has been on off-gas communities and the potential electrification of heat and/or use of heat pumps –  this being increasingly challenging given the current electricity network situation and the investment in new infrastructure needed to reach these communities. At the same time, areas such as Bury St. Edmunds and Mildenhall are seen as prime locations for economic redevelopment. The challenge is therefore to manage and mitigate network constraints as energy demand continues to grow and technology evolves while dealing with electricity network “blackspots”.

Pixie is therefore working with West Suffolk council on the potential for a strategy that looks beyond electricity into the area of heat, while at the same time considers the effects of network constraints and how they may be overcome through non-traditional methods.

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