Project overviews

Pixie Energy is involved in a number of projects in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The majority of projects in Norfolk fall under the Smarter Norwich umbrella project, whose aim is to integrate separate Norwich projects in pursuit of a longer-term vision called Smart Energy Norwich 2030 (SEN2030). These include the Norwich Virtual Energy Community.

The majority of projects in Suffolk are centred around Ipswich, and include Ipswich Smart City, the Ipswich Local Supply Communities project and the Sproughton Infrastructure project. Elsewhere in Suffolk, Pixie Energy is working with West Suffolk Council on potential options for the Mildenhall Hub and the Western Way project, which is one of the main areas of social and economic development in West Suffolk.

In Cambridgeshire, Pixie Energy is working with Cambridgeshire County Council on the St. Ives Park & Ride scheme.

Pixie Energy is also involved in cross-county projects involing Feed-in Tariff aggregation, capacity trading and a crowdfunding platform to channel interest in funding clean energy projects throughout the region. We are also scoping an ECO compliance marketplace involving newly obligated suppliers.

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