The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has urged the UK to adopt a 2050 target to end greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a new report published today. The CCC advised that, since “Scotland has greater potential to remove pollution from its economy than the UK overall,” it should achieve the target by 2045. Also, since Wales has “slightly lower opportunities than the UK as a whole”, it should adopt a target of 95% by 2050. The CCC has found that policies concerning low carbon electricity (which will need to quadruple by 2050), efficient buildings and low-carbon heating are already in place to help achieve these targets. However, it also said that policies would have to “ramp up significantly”, adding that the government must set the direction and provide the urgency. The need for public engagement was also highlighted, as well as “serious plans” to clean up the UK’s heating systems, to deliver the infrastructure for carbon capture and storage technology and to drive transformational change in land use. Additionally, the CCC stressed the importance of a fair distribution of the costs of such policies.