Over 30 global corporations have pledged to replace their road fleets with electric vehicles (EVs) as part of the EV100 initiative, which targets 2mn EVs by 2030. The announcement was included in The Climate Group’s EV100 Progress and Insights Annual Report, published on Monday 4 February. Since the launch of EV100, 31 global corporates with a combined revenue of $0.5trn (£0.38trn) have pledged themselves to its aims. The Climate Group said that EV100 has resulted in the 23 members which joined by autumn 2018 pledging to switch 145,000 vehicles to EVs by 2030, saving an estimated 6.6mn metric tonnes of carbon. EV100 members listed reducing greenhouse gas emissions as their top reason for committing to EVs, followed by wanting to lead the EV transition, reputational benefits, reducing local air pollution and making financial savings.

The Climate Group