Following its Customer-Led Network Revolution programme, Northern Powergrid has opted for Electric Vehicle (EV) transportation as an approach to decarbonise the company’s workforce. The forward-thinking organisation is set to add five new Nissan Leafs to its fleet, as well as installing and developing charging infrastructure across 11 of its 28 sites.

The initiative looks to focus on three key areas:

·         Installation of EV charging points

·         Fleet electrification, and

·         Trialling of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Systems

By installing the charging points at several of its sites, Northern Powergrid hopes to remove barriers to decarbonisation. It is aware of the existence of current EV drivers within the company and hopes to cater to them, as well as the rest of its workforce, by providing suitable charging infrastructure before the ban on new petrol and diesel cars comes into action in 2040.

The company is looking to target its own vehicle fleet, firstly with the addition of five new Nissan Leafs. The company notes that its requirement to take vehicles to places where there is no electricity limits the extent to which it can electrify all of its vehicles, but has ambitions to electrify much of its fleet.

Further steps to help decarbonisation have been taken through engagement with the V2G scheme – with hopes of assisting with decarbonisation of the National Grid itself. Northern Powergrid is hoping to begin installation of 16 V2G charging points this month, which could act as key demonstrators of the viability of V2G systems.

This is not the first time that Northern Powergrid have highlighted interest in V2G initiatives, with collaboration in the £9.8mn V2G project announced by BEIS earlier this year. The project hopes to install 1,000 V2G charging points across the UK, in a bid to tackle intermittency in energy supply created through greater integration of renewables generators.

With Northern Powergrid realising the need for transition to EVs, many other companies are likely to follow soon as the UK continues its transition to a low carbon future.

Northern Powergrid