Our team

Nigel Cornwall

Nigel Cornwall has had an independent energy consultancy business since 1994 and is the founder and managing director of Pixie Energy. He has extensive experience of energy restructuring in the UK and internationally in both the public and private sectors, especially governance related aspects. As a civil servant, he was actively involved in the initial electricity vesting process in the UK and oversaw the establishment of National Grid. Nigel specialises in issues connected with market design, including the role of network operators and market operations in deregulated markets.

As founder of Pixie Energy, Nigel established the company to progress local energy market ideas and initiatives, with the initial focus being the East Anglian Energy Market Innovation Project.


Ken McRae

Ken is the General Manager of Pixie Energy and has worked in the utility sector for over 25 years in a variety of client facing, management and project roles. He has been involved in a number of transformational projects including the development of the central market arrangements to support the introduction and operation of the competitive retail Water Market in Scotland, the Faster Switching Programme, Smart Metering, establishment of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and Green Deal arrangements, and Code Governance Reviews.

Ken has a wide range of industry knowledge gained through interaction with Government departments, sector regulators and market participants in the GB and Irish markets. He has an Honours degree in Business Studies, a father of 5 and an avid supporter of his sons’ and daughters’ rugby teams.


Dan Starman

Dan’s primary focus is on local electricity generation and supply models, and leads our local supply projects. Dan also has experience in consultancy work, including advising new entrant suppliers on the costs of establishing a supply business and networks cost forecasts.

Dan studied at the University of East Anglia where he completed a BSc in Environmental Geography and International Development.


Tom Andrews

Tom leads the Pixie Energy team, researching new areas of interest to the company, building insight into future developments to technology and markets, utilising his regulatory knowledge and his knowledge of smart and community energy projects.

Tom grew up in north east Surrey before moving to Norwich to study at UEA, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Medieval History. He came to Cornwall Insight in December 2016 after nine years in financial services, where he was a regulated financial adviser overseeing process development and regulatory compliance.


Craig Lowrey

Craig has more than 20 years’ experience in the UK and European energy markets. This includes roles as Head of Energy Market Research at EIC and Chief Market Analyst for Heren Energy (now ICIS Heren). He served as Position Manager for the gas trading operations of TXU Europe Energy, joining the company in 1997 after completing his PhD at Brunel University on the economics of electricity privatisation and regulation in the UK.

Craig brings to Pixie his knowledge and extensive experience of public sector procurement and the specific requirements for organisations required to comply with these.


Stuart Leaver

Stuart joined the Pixie team in February 2018 after completing a Bachelor’s degree (hons) in Environmental Earth Sciences at UEA and a Master’s degree in Geoscience at UCL. He is involved with local supply resources and community energy projects, providing analytical and technical capabilities to support the Pixie team.

Stuart is responsible for contributing to several publications, producing the Quarterly and Monthly Feed-in Tariff reports outlining the forecasted levelisation for suppliers; the Third Party Charges Report and the Renewable Heat Incentive Report. He is also responsible for writing articles in Energy:2030, as well as supporting on numerous consultancy and innovation projects in Pixie and the wider Cornwall Insight Group.


Tom Lusher

Tom is the Electric Vehicle (EV) specialist at Pixie Energy, with expertise spanning the wider EV market, including policy and regulation, electricity, automotive, fleet and charging infrastructure. He has been involved in a number of EV consultancy projects, including an optional appraisal for the electrification of corporate car fleets in the UK. Tom is also author of Charged Up: Future Fleet, Cornwall Insight’s EV market intelligence and insight service.

Alongside a thorough understanding of the GB energy markets, Tom also specialises in the Energy Company Obligation, the decarbonisation of heat and hydrogen. He has a First Class Honours degree in Geography from the University of East Anglia and graduated top of his year.


Michael Brown

Michael joined Pixie Energy as part of his degree in BSc Environmental Sciences during his year in industry at UEA throughout 2018-19 and now works part time supporting the team while in his final year of university. He has undertaken numerous energy related projects while at university including a GIS evaluation of wind potential in East Anglia and energy-related residential visits to places such as the Lake District and the Platforma Solar de Almería research centre in Spain.

At Pixie Energy, Michael is primarily tasked with assisting in development of our detailed regional energy mapping project. He is also a contributor to Pixie Energy’s free publication Local Energy Matters, which covers topics ranging from local tariff information to low-carbon generation and decarbonisation. He also contributes to writing articles for our forward-looking energy markets publication Energy:2030.


Sam Peek

Sam is an Analyst in the Pixie Energy team at Cornwall Insight. He joined in July 2019 having previously worked on offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance, as well as oil and gas interface projects for both commissioning and decommissioning of platforms. He is a graduate from the University of East Anglia with a BA (Hons) in Business Management.

At Pixie Energy, Sam is primarily focused on supporting the ECO Switch project and producing the Renewable Heat Incentive quarterly and monthly Feed-in Tariff reports as well as the other Pixie innovation projects. He also contributes to writing articles for Local Energy matters and our forward-looking energy markets publication Energy:2030


Emily Lewis

Emily joined the Pixie team in July 2019 having graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science. She completed her Year in Industry placement on the University of East Anglia’s Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering team, working on energy saving projects and utilities data management for the campus.

At Pixie Energy, Emily supports the Ipswich Microgrid project and assists in the development of the Energy Data Hub. Emily is also produces Pixie Energy’s publication Local Energy Matters. She has an interest in community energy and local energy projects, having grown up in Norfolk.