Greencoat Capital has announced a £120mn project to construct two of the UK’s largest greenhouses,
powered heated by waste heat from Anglian Water treatment plants. Announced on Thursday 3 October,
the project will see £120mn of investment from major UK pension funds, managed by Greencoat Capital.
The greenhouses, developed by Oasthouse Ventures, will be warmed via heat pumps using waste heat
from water recycling centres. Water outflows from water recycling centres are thereby cooled to the benefit
of river ecosystem. Additionally, a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant will be built to power the
heat pumps. Carbon generated by the CHP plant will be transferred into the greenhouses to further
accelerate plant growth and recapture a high proportion of the carbon. Anglian Water is to provide the
project’s source heat via two sites at Norwich and Bury St. Edmunds. ESB will construct the closed loop
heat pumps and CHP and manage the energy centre. BOM Group N.V will construct the glasshouses.

Greencoat Capital