Chart of the Week

Every week, Pixie Energy produces a ‘Chart of the Week’ that looks closer at an energy sector-related chart that has caught our attention. These can be accessed below:

August 2019:
Key lessons from European heat networks
ENA highlights mixed flexibility procurement results
Heat network investment – an increasingly hot prospect
Europe accelerating plans for CCUS

July 2019:
V2G values reliant on plugging in cars
National Grid forecasts for EV uptake changed
IEA demonstrates a future with hydrogen
Community energy in 2018: mixed messages
ESC reimagines carbon pricing to drive decarbonisation

June 2019:
Norway leads EV sales for Q119
Identifying the optimum subsidy for microgrids
NYISO forecasts extensive growth in battery storage
CARES publishes financial analysis for renewable projects

May 2019:
EV and HHP deployment forecast to reduce electricity costs
Local authorities delivering local energy
Non-domestic RHI average capacity continues to grow
CCC: 2030 EV switchover would maximise savings
OIES reviews prospects for natural gas as transport fuel

April 2019:
Hybrid heat pumps lead the way for costs in town trial
Average electric vehicle range exceeds 200 miles
European oil majors adopting clean energy approach
UKPNs’ Optimise Prime to deliver range of benefits

March 2019:
Germany leads the charge for European domestic storage
Pixie Energy demonstrates value of flexibility
Global energy demand to plateau around 2030: McKinsey

February 2019:
Energiesprong could revolutionise UK decarbonisation
Range of incentives can stimulate EV purchases
Domestic renewable heat knowledge gap revealed by BEIS
RHI tariff degression for large biomass and biomethane

January 2019:
Varying supplier switching rates revealed across Scotland
£232bn in EV investment announced
Technological driven cost reductions for heat networks
DfT release 2017 charge point analysis