Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Chief Executive Chris Stark has highlighted the global warming challenges facing the UK. Published on the CCC website on Tuesday 19 March, Stark’s speech offered five observations on the issue. He observed that in recent years other countries have begun to set more ambitious emissions targets than the UK. He also highlighted that the costs of decarbonisation have fallen, and it would cost some industries more not to decarbonise. Stark’s third observation was that the UK needs to practise good policy design to achieve decarbonisation targets while avoiding too high a cost to public finances, consumers and the wider economy. Stark also observed that all sectors needed to be decarbonised in unison for emissions to fall fast enough, highlighting that the focus on the power sector has resulted in significant progress, but that the UK will shortly run out of coal power stations to close. Additionally, he said climate action must be led by the government.