Announced on Monday 24 February in a press release, Baxi Heating UK and Bristol Energy have
successfully trialled selling ‘heat-as-as-service,’ defined by Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) as a ‘Heat
Plan.’ Instead of buying units of energy (kWh), consumers could purchase hours of warmth in their home,
known as ‘Warm Hours.’ Baxi Heating sold a ‘Heat Plan’ that bundled a new heating system, servicing,
maintenance and energy for a fixed monthly price (with 13 triallists wanting to discuss the offer following the
trial), whilst Bristol Energy became the first supplier in the UK to trial selling heat-as-a-service, providing
both fixed price and Pay-As-You-Go ‘Heat Plans’ to domestic customers. A sub-set of households also
signed-up to the Bristol Energy ‘Heat Plan’ trial. Additionally, ESC tested the performance of hybrid heating
systems, combining traditional gas boilers with an electric heat pump, where four of five homes trialling the
hybrid system were open to removing their gas boiler and relying entirely on a heat pump if they could buy
their heat as a service