In this month’s Energy:2030, we look at examples of leadership in delivering the energy market transition.

In our Perspective, we focus on the initiative of Nordic countries in accelerating net zero commitments. Recently declared targets have coincided with statements from Nordic oil and gas majors, which are taking a lead in the decarbonisation of their operations.

January saw the launch of the Integrating Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services (IRENES) project, which is investigating good practice in synergising renewable energy sources and ecosystem services.

The Sustainable Energy Association presented its ideas on regulating the decarbonisation of heat – a key problem in delivering net zero emissions. It suggests an emissions standard for heating that takes a carbon intensity approach to regulation.

The International Renewable Energy Agency presented its thinking on existing demand-side solutions and key innovations.

On electricity networks, Electricity North West recently took an approach to develop five scenarios that might reflect its future network. In Germany, the Federal Network Agency approved a network development plan that includes increasing the proportion of renewable energy to 65% by 2030.

In the US, California recently adopted frameworks for two areas of energy efficiency policy, which could boost emerging technologies as well as provide continued support for existing initiatives. A comprehensive programme to accelerate the development, commercialisation and utilisation of next-generation energy storage technologies was also launched by the US Department of Energy.

Developments in Australia and New Zealand have focused on retail sector transformation. Australian authorities have developed a market design to enable the switching process to occur within two days. New Zealand has implemented a package of initiatives aimed at making it easier for consumers to share their consumption data with organisations they trust.

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