Progress in low-carbon heating last week was dominated by new results from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on 5 July, which announced the outcomes of its Low Carbon Heating Technology Innovation Fund and its Thermal Efficiency Innovation Fund. The eight winners from the Low Carbon heating fund (worth £8.49mn) included next generation gas boilers, smart heaters, and hybrid heat/solar PV/thermal energy systems. Winners from the Thermal Efficiency fund (worth £7.5mn) included new cladding systems, solid wall insulation innovation and smart ventilation systems.Image result for green gas flame

BEIS also launched a consultation 5 July on its Industrial Heat Recovery Programme, which it hopes will save industry £500mn. The programme will open for applications in Autumn 2018, with further guidance notes becoming available in the coming weeks. Other aims of the programme include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, productivity gains and greater security from price fluctuations.

Further efforts to improve home energy performance was analysed in a new report by Regen. The Innovation In Whole House Retrofit – Zero Energy Buildings Catalyst Programme provides an overview of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from homes in the UK, and policies and technologies in place to meet these challenges, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive. It then demonstrates how the EU funded Zero Energy Buildings programme is being applied in Devon, retrofitting 15 homes to be effectively zero energy to heat via advanced energy efficiency measures.

Centrica bought a 50% stake in the UK’s largest green gas supplier on 1 July. The company partnered with Barrow Green Gas to provide biomethane to a wider range of customers. Barrow Green Gas is possibly the only green gas supplier in the UK that focuses solely on the green gas market. Centrica expects this option to be used to appeal to a wider range of customers and hopes to eventually export green gas to international markets.

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